Conference Programme, June 12th 2013

Conference Programme.pdf

09.10-09.20: Registration

09.20-09.30: Welcoming Address

First Session (Chair: Sotiris Mitralexis) – in Greek


09.30-10.10: Prof. Christos Yannaras (Panteion University, Athens)

Η ιδεολογική εκδοχή της πολιτισμικής ταυτότητας και ο ελληνικός «τρόπος»

10.10-10.30: Theodoros Pantoulas (Sapienza University, Rome)

Ταυτότητες σε αναμονή: δυο αιώνες δανεικής νεωτερικότητας


10.30-11.00: Discussion


11.00-11.10: Coffee break


Second Session (Chair: Prof. Georgios Steiris) – in English


11.10-11.30: Dimitris Faros (Panteion University, Athens)

The “Principle of Nationalities” and the “Ideal of the Empire”: Ideological Debate during Greece’s “National Schism”

11.30-11.50: Sotiris Mitralexis (Freie Universität Berlin)

Elements of Political Theory in Odysseas Elytis’ essay “Ta Dimosia kai ta Idiotika” (‘The Public and the Private’).

11.50-12.10 Dionysios Skliris (Université Paris IV-Sorbonne)

Trinitarian theology and Modern Greek identity


12.10-12.40: Discussion


Third Session (Chair: Prof. Georgios Arabatzis) – in Greek


12.40-13.20: Prof. Ilias Papagiannopoulos (University of Piraeus)

Το «γύρισμα του κόσμου» και η νεοελληνική συνθήκη: σχόλια στη «Γραμμή του ορίζοντος» του Χρήστου Βακαλόπουλου

13.20-13.40: Kostas Koutsourelis (Göthe Institut Athen)

Εικόνες του Ελληνισμού: Ιστορικά Διλήμματα και Προσανατολισμοί

13.40-14.10: Discussion

LUNCH BREAK: 14.10-15.40



Fourth Session (Chair: Prof. Ilias Papagiannopoulos) – in English


15.40-16.00: Prof. Georgios Steiris (University of Athens)

George of Trebizond and Bessarion on Identity and Otherness

16.00-16.20: Prof. Michail Mantzanas (Ecclesiastical Academy Of Athens)

Greek Identity and Independence in Leonardos Philaras’ works

16.20-16.40: Athanasia Theodoropoulou (University of Athens)

Ταυτότητα και κρίση στον Βησσαρίωνα

16.40-17.10: Discussion


17.10-17.20: Coffee break



Fifth Session (Chair: Prof. Georgios Steiris) – in English

17.20-17.40: Prof. Georgios Arabatzis (University of Athens)

Byzantine philosophy and modernity

17.40-18.00: Dimitrios Vasilakis (King’s College, London)

Petros Brailas-Armenis and the constituents of Modern-Greek identity

18.00-18.20: Nicoletta Hadjipavlou (King’s College, London)

Experiencing Empire: The case of Cyprus’ National Poet and his representation of the Ottoman Empire

18.20-18.50: Discussion

Closing Remarks (18.50-19.00)

Transfer to Conference Dinner

The Conference Dinner will be held at Restaurant OlivenbaumBreite Straße 33, 13187 Pankow – Berlin (S+U Pankow, M1 station “Rathaus Pankow”). Tel: 004930 49919612.